Getting Started
What is GadPoint?
GadPoint is a mobile loyalty reward program specially catered for grocery shoppers buying products of participating brands. Simply take a photo of your receipt and upload through GadPoint app to earn points.

How to get GadPoints?

Step1: Download GadPoint app in Play Store & register as new user

Step2: Shop for products of participating brands

Step3: Capture & upload receipt latest by the next day of purchase

Step4: Earn points once the receipt has been validated

Step5: Click “Redeem Cashback” under “Points” tab in your app when you have accumulated at least 5000 gadpoints. Your cashback will be credited to the bank account provided in your GadPoint account.

Are there charges/fees for joining GadPoint?
 No, this is totally FREE!

What are the rewards that I can get?

Gadpoints accumulated can be used to exchange for Cashback. Every 5,000 GadPoints will earn you a $5 Cashback. Keep a lookout on the in-app newsfeed for the surprises gifts redemption.

How long does it take for my membership to be activated?

Activation is immediate upon completion of registration through GadPoint app.

Can foreigners join GadPoint?

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you have a valid Singapore registered mobile number.


Points Policy
Is there a minimum spend to earn GadPoints?

A minimum spend of S$2.00 after discount (if any) of products of participating brands in a single receipt is required to get points. Every S$1.00 spent = 5 GadPoints (Rounded down)

What is the price of the product that we will use to determine the points?

We will take in the final price you have paid for the product. In other words, the price after discount, if any.

What is the maximum number of GadPoints that I can collect on a single day?

There is no restriction on the maximum GadPoints collected in a single day; unless otherwise stated in promotional newsfeeds.

Can I upload more than one receipt on the same day?

Users may only upload a maximum of 3 receipts per day, unless otherwise stated in the promotional newsfeeds. Note: The receipt has to belong to you or it will be deemed abuse of system.

Are GadPoints transferable?

No, transfer of GadPoints is not allowed.


Technical Support
What should I do with oversized receipts?

For long receipt, you may select “Long Receipt” when uploading your receipts in order for the app to capture the full receipt details.

What should I do if I face technical problems capturing or uploading the receipt?

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact our GadPoint technical support team at Email:

Why does the system decline my receipts? How do you define disqualified/invalid receipt?

Here are some examples of disqualified/invalid receipts:

  • Incomplete receipt – Receipt that is cut off. We will require users to upload the full receipt. If the receipt is too long, select the “Long Receipt” function to upload.
  • Expired receipt – Receipt must be uploaded latest by the next day of purchase before 11:59pm.
  • Low quality receipt – Receipts that is unclear, we are unable to recognise the text.
  • Receipt that does not contain products from the list of participating brands.
  • Insufficient receipt value – Every receipt has to have a minimum of $2.00 spent on products of participating brands.
  • Duplicate receipt – Receipts has been uploaded before.
  • Image uploaded is not deemed as a receipt.
  • Reprint receipt.
  • System abuse.
  • Points will not be given for purchasing vouchers, top-up, petrol refuel, bills payment of cash withdrawal.
  • All disqualified/invalid receipts will not be allowed for uploading again.

Please seek assistance from our technical support team if you have problems uploading your receipts. Email:

Are there any tips to capture qualified receipts?

  • Make your receipt as flat and wrinkle free as possible
  • Take the picture in a well-lit area
  • Keep still so your photo isn’t blurry
  • Lay your receipt on a flat, non-reflective surface and hold the camera directly above it
  • Focus your camera on the text of the receipt

How do I update changes to my personal particulars?

Please go to “Profile” tab of GadPoint app to update your personal particulars.

What if I lost my phone?

If you are still using the same mobile number, simply reinstall GadPoint app on your new phone and complete the registration with the same mobile number to transfer your account to the new phone.

Please seek assistance from our technical support team if you cannot do it. Email:

Can I transfer my GadPoints from my old mobile number to a new mobile number?

Yes, you can transfer your points at “Profile” tab. Click on “Edit” button, there is a mobile icon located at the upper right corner, click on it and enter both your old and new mobile number to transfer your GadPoints.


GadPoints accumulation & expiry
When should I upload the receipt?

Users are encouraged to upload the receipts on the same day of purchase or not later than the next day of purchase. For example, for purchases made on 1 January 2014, receipts must be uploaded latest by 2 January 2014 11.59pm. Receipts uploaded after this timing will be strictly rejected.

How do I check the amount of GadPoints I’ve earned?

Users can check their total points by clicking on “Points” tab in GadPoint app.

What is the validity of my GadPoints?

GadPoints earned will never expire.

How long does it take for GadPoints to be updated in your system?

Upon successful upload of receipts, the status will be shown as “Processing” under “Points” tab. We take a maximum of 5 working days to verify the receipt and update the points. The system will show a “Declined” status if the receipt is disqualified/invalid.


Participating Brands & qualified merchants
Who are the participating brands?

Please refer to “Participating Brands” under “Info” tab for more information.

More brands are coming!

Who are the qualified merchants?

All merchants carrying the products of the participating brands are qualified as long as the receipt from the merchant has the merchant name, transaction date, product name & price, receipt number printed.


What is the minimum amount of GadPoints required before I can redeem my cashback?

To redeem your $5 cashback, user will need to collect 5000 GadPoints. However, there will surprise gifts that require different amount of points from time to time. Please follow the in-app newsfeed to stay updated on the surprises gifts.

How to redeem the cashback?

Complete your profile with your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, Mailing Address and Bank Account Number. Click “Redeem Cashback” under “Points” tab of GadPoint app. The cashback will be credited to your bank account in 7 working days.

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