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We understand consumers love your brand and they want to be loyal. You definitely want to treat them as royals. GadPoint is the Best Platform to do that. We simply want to make sure your brand is getting the consumers it deserves and that we are providing the best value for you.

One of its kind loyalty programme

Never has a loyalty programme able to run for all retailers’ Point of Sales (POS) systems. Finally brands can have their own loyalty programmes!

Precise Targeting

Specially designed mechanics for specific consumers with pinpoint accuracy. What else to ask for?

Build deeper relationships

Understand consumers like never before. GadPoint introduces you to your consumers like newfound friends.

Visible Results

Returns are most visible among all other platforms or channels. Results are almost always guaranteed.

Low risk

We understand the risk marketers take in choosing media or planning programmes. Our pricing system is designed to be as low risk as possible to brand owners.


Not only consumers get personalised offering, brand owners also have a wide range of options to achieve their communication objectives.

Personalised promotions

Reward Loyalists

Show appreciation to fans of your brand. GadPoint offers a unique way to reward your loyal consumers.

Personalised promotions

Personalised promotions

Tailor promotions for specific consumers, letting them have what they REALLY want. With GadPoint, it’s no longer ONE promotion for ALL consumers.

Understand your consumers

Happiest Consumers

This is the closest you can get to your consumers. They prefer your brand because you understand what they REALLY want.



with GadPoint!

Our Clients

We are honoured to have prominent food brands join us for our launch.


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